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We Need New Stories

book | Non-Fiction | Jul 2019
UK & Comm → Weidenfeld & Nicolson (Ed. Jenny Lord)

We are in a unique moment as it is becoming clear that the old frames of reference are not working, that the narratives used for decades to stave off progressive causes are in danger of being exposed as falsehoods, that the myths, be it of sexual liberation or of white non-identity, are at odds with the lived experience and in urgent need of revision. 

Nesrine Malik applies her uniquely sharp intellect to a range of stories used to maintain the status quo. As the centre ground is being eroded, she challenges us to find new narrators whose stories can fill the void and unite us behind a shared progressive vision. Do women mistake access for arrival? Has the concept of political correctness been weaponised to avoid ceding space to those excluded from power? Is whiteness an identity with barriers to entry? These are some of the questions at the centre of Nesrine Malik's radical and compelling analysis.


Claire Nozieres manages the translation rights for We Need New Stories


Malik, a journalist, is skilled at digging beneath the surface of political rhetoric and popular culture to find prejudice, stereotypes and distorted historical narratives . . . her arguments echoed powerfully in my mind long after I had put the book down.

Financial Times

Nesrine Malik’s new book stares into the heart of our current seething political volcano and gives it a cool hosing down . . . With careful analysis and a great historian’s expertise . . . she engages in a powerful and persuasive debunking exercise.


We can read this book, then, as an anti-mainstream history: a disruption of the delusional mythology that justifies so much harm


An acute and nuanced interrogator of contemporary prejudices, Nesrine Malik writes with immense moral courage and intellectual power.

Pankaj Mishra

Malik fluidly incorporates her experiences as a media commentator and the daughter of a conservative Muslim family, and draws on the work of scholars including Judith Butler and Jerry Lembcke. This is a lucid reminder that the fight for equality is a battle of ideas.

Publishers Weekly

An urgent look at the questions at the centre of the current culture wars. Through asking questions including whether women have mistaken access for arrival, and if the concept of political correctness has been weaponised to avoid giving space to those traditionally excluded, Malik argues that we need to find new narrators to challenge the status quo and create new frames of reference in our pursuit of a progressive vision.


Nesrine Malik writes with urgent eloquence about the world we live in ... We need this book.

Elizabeth Day

A radical and urgent polemic…She presents us with a set of tools for overturning narratives by questioning, seeking knowledge and fostering a non-partisan world-view, being wary of social media, and recognising that the strength of the prevailing myths does not lie in facts

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