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A Fatal Game

book | Fiction | Oct 2019
UK & Comm → Viking (Ed. Mary Mount)

A terrorist attack has just hit a busy railway station. Jake Winter was the British intelligence officer in charge of stopping the attack and now his career, and his conscience, are in freefall . . .

Jake's next anti-terror operation has to be a success. He has got himself a new source - a young British Asian man, Rashid, recently returned, apparently disillusioned, from battle, who he hopes is the key to foiling the next attack and to getting Jake to the leader of the network. But is Rashid really working for British intelligence, or has Jake put his faith in the wrong man once again?

A Fatal Game is the story of an organization, and a single man, in a state of panic. And panic is the last thing you need when you're playing a game like this ...


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‘It’s meticulously plotted, with wonderfully drawn characters and an elegant prose style that make this every bit as compelling as Searle’s stirring debut, The
Good Liar.

Daily Mail

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