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A Traitor in the Family

book | Apr 2017

Francis O'Neill is an IRA terrorist - and he will kill for the cause.

Gentleman Joe is his boss - and he wants power.

Liam is his brother - and he wants money.

Richard is the British intelligence officer - and he wants to recruit him.

Bridget is his wife - and she wants to get out.


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I fell in hard with these characters, and A TRAITOR IN THE FAMILY kept me dangling with them over an ever hotter flame. Its snarls and slips, its silences that hide and bruise – quickly I finished it, but I haven’t escaped the clipped menace of its conversations, or the way human tenderness lives on after the blows. Bridget and Francis are remarkably drawn. Haunting reading, deeply satisfying.

Bill Beverly
author of Dodgers, winner of the CWA Gold Dagger Award, 2016

‘Unbearably tense at times … this is a snapshot of the real world from a man who has lived in it’

Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail:
‘In its subtlety it reminded me strongly of John le Carré's wonderful A Small Town in Germany, which also brought home the delicate confusions that lie at the heart of those who work in the shadow of treachery. This is high praise’

Daily Mail

The Good Liar was excellent but this book feels more personal and is even better’

Sunday Express

‘[A] tale of sordid compromises and agonising choices … beneath the betrayals and violence Searle’s antihero’s dilemma unleashes lies a moral message: even the hardest heart is made vulnerable by love’


‘This is one of those thrillers whose thrills come not just from a fast-paced plot, but also from the fact that we’re being given privileged access to a hidden world’

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