Nick Hurran

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Doctor Who: Series 6

Producer Marcus Wilson Starring
  • Matt Smith
  • Karen Gillan
    Production Company BBC
    Broadcaster BBC1
    Series 6 Episode 10: The Girl who waited, written by Tom McRae.

    Synopsis: Time travel is more than just an element of Doctor Who – its one of the main characters. The Doctor has been in Amy and Rory’s life for a long while now – far longer than he ever intended. What if something were to go wrong? When they step from the TARDIS into a strange white waiting room, they’re all about to learn just how wrong time travel can go…

     Series 6 Episode 11: The God Complex, written by Toby Whithouse.

     Synopsis: The brief to writer toby Whithouse was just this – a hotel: make a hotel scary. All those corridors, all those identical rooms, those bleak and souless bars and waiting rooms, that tinkling muzak – surely all that was made for Doctor Who, where the scariest things of all come bleeding through the ordinary world.
    Doctor Who: Series 6

    One of the best Doctor Who stories ever...Director Nick Hurran is this year's big find.
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