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It's a Boy Girl Thing

Producer David Furnish and Steve Hamilton Shaw Writer Geoff Deane Starring
  • Samaire Armstrong
  • Kevin Zegers
  • Sherry Miller
  • Robert Joy
    Production Company Icon Entertainment International/ Rocket Pictures
    High school quarterback Woody Deanne (Kevin Zegers) is a sexist jock who lives for hip-hop. His next-door neighbor and sworn enemy Nell Bedworth (Samaire Armstrong) is a smart and sensitive virgin who loves Shakespeare. But one morning, they mysteriously wake up in the strangest place of all: Each other's bodies! Even if they can now survive their switched lives of girls' showers, boys' locker rooms, college interviews, Homecoming football and destroying each other's reputations, will they find that falling in love may be the ultimate out-of-body experience?
    It's a Boy Girl Thing

    good performances and a sizzling script Genevieve Harrison

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