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The Kurupt FM Podkast


As literally everyone knows already, the world’s biggest pirate radio station, Kurupt FM, has shut down. A nation was thrown in to mourning as MC Grindah quit the music game and blessed a mic for the last time.

But there’s just one problem.

The fans have been going absolutely mental.

So now, rising from the ashes, the legendary Kurupt FM crew are BACK (in association with Chabuddy G Enterprises). But this time, they’re a podcast.

Over the course of six episodes, Grindah and the Kurupt FM mans reassemble in the Brentford studio to apply their wisdom and philosophy, to break down some of the most important issues facing all of us today:

Technology (like decks and robots and that)
Relationships (how to chirpse basically)
The Supernatural (aliens and all that shit Steves is in to)
Fashion (through the ages, from loin clothes to tracksuits)
Survival (how to survive not only in the streets but in a park, for example)
Music (how music evolved and finally peaked with garage)
Expect special guests, features, and maybe if you’re lucky some freestyling. You’re welcome. Kurupt FM in it the rest are irrelevant.

Note from Chabuddy G: You can hear the Kurupt FM Podkast exclusively on the website of my business associates at Audible. And if you enjoy the sound of any of the goods and services you hear advertised on the Kurupt FM Podkast (in associated with Chabuddy G Enterprises) then please get in touch and I will provide top products at low prices. Please. I need money.

For further queries regarding The Kurupt FM Podkast please contact Alice Lutyens.


High proportion of laughs per minute.

The Observer

The lads from People Just Do Nothing return, and if it seems odd that they’ve never entered the podcasting game before, they’re certainly making up for lost time.

The Guardian Guide

MC Grindah, DJ Beats, DJ Steves and Chabuddy G … are unstoppable.

The Guardian

The side-project you didn't realise you needed


So funny … so good!


A sublimely funny sitcom-podcast hybrid that expands their cringe-comedy universe.

The Guardian

The Kurupt FM Podkast shows the crew shifting back into the word of comedy and adding another layer of depth to the members on the show.


BBC 3's People Just Do Nothing DJs apply the Alan Partridge method to pirate radio, with hilariously rambling and inappropriate results.

Sunday Times

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