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A Dangerous Crossing

UK & Comm Transworld Publishers (Ed. Jane Lawson)

1939: Europe is on the brink of war. Lily Shepherd, a servant girl, boards an ocean liner for Australia. She is on her way to a new life, leaving behind the shadows in her past.

For a humble girl, the passage proves magical - a band, cocktails, fancy dress balls. A time when she is beholden to no one. The exotic locations along the way - Naples, Cairo, Ceylon - allow her to see places she’d only ever dreamed of, and to make friends with people higher up the social scale who would ordinarily never give her the time of day. She even allows herself to hope that a man who she couldn’t possibly have a future with outside the cocoon of the ship might return her feelings. 

But Lily soon realises that her new-found friends are also escaping secrets in their past. As the ship’s glamour fades, the stage is set for something awful to happen. By the time the ship docks, two of Lily’s fellow passengers are dead, war has been declared and Lily's life will be irrevocably changed.


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An exquisite story of love, murder, adventure and dark secrets, Rachel Rhys brings this dangerous crossing brilliantly and beautifully alive

Lisa Jewel

This a proper old-fashioned tale of thwarted romance, impossible glamour, murder and mayhem on the high seas . . . The pages turn themselves.

Liz Nugent

An utter treat . . . a glorious mix of proper old-school glamour and a labyrinthine plot full of class war, politics and sexual tension . . . A masterful storyteller

Veronica Henry

Quite extraordinary . . . Beautiful, captivating and I desperately did not want the journey to end

Emma Kavanagh

Utterly gripping . . . I loved Lily and the sumptuous detail of her onboard world with its constant undercurrent of tension and mystery. It's a brilliant evocation of the time

Elizabeth Enfield

An utter treat... a glorious mix of proper old-school glamour and a labyrinthine plot full of class war, politics and sexual tension... Rhys writes with such conviction... a masterful storyteller

Veronica Henry

Thrilling, seductive, utterly absorbing

Paula Hawkins

A sumptuous and thrilling read which reminded me of Daphne du Maurier. It captivates you in its spell right until the end. I loved it.

Kate Hamer

Think Highsmith on the high seas

Sarra Manning

A sumptuous, thrilling and captivating adventure set on the high seas... Stunning - I didn't not want it to end.

Five stars.


Daily Express

A well-plotted, absorbing read with a whiff of Agatha Christie.

Fanny Blake

Glamour, danger, intrigue... the menace builds to an excitingly modern twist 

The Sunday Times

Rhys creates such a powerful sense of foreboding that you may well gulp down the entire book in a single day. 

Anna Carey, Irish Times

Glamorous, gripping, seductive... ripe with dangers of all kinds...
Five stars  

The Sunday Express

A transportive, sumptuous read that follows working class Lily Shepherd on her journey from England to Australia. Though it begins an old-fashioned tale of intrigue – everyone on board the ocean liner has secrets that slowly unravel – a conventional murder mystery, this is not. With a twist that breaks down barriers – class, gender, race – everything is not, at all, as it seems. Completely unpredictable, this is a thrilling and refreshing take on historical fiction

The Pool

A glittering, gulp-down-in-one read

Good Housekeeping

The characters - good, bad and glitzy - are life-sized, the ports visited evocatively drawn, the on-board atmosphere cleverly envisaged and a whole raft of secrets are engagingly revealed.

Choice Magazine

Rhys captures the essence of the era, class structure, prejudice and fear of war through the eyes of her flawed characters. Suspense is built from the opening page until the jaw dropping ending due to her sharp plotting. Readers will be completely absorbed in every aspect of the characters' lives, the voyage and two murders. Dangerous Crossing is a tale to savor.

RT Book Reviews

After the prologue hints at malice forthcoming, what follows is a vividly descriptive ride from this enticing mysterious author leading up to a killer ending we did not see coming

Marie Claire

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