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The Green Grocer

book | Non-Fiction | Apr 2021
World → Dorling Kindersley (Ed. Stephanie Milner)

One man’s manifesto for corporate activism

Can you reverse climate change and promote social justice while generating a profit? Richard Walker shows you how it's both possible and essential.

Walker runs a £4bn privately owned family business that is affecting real change in the most unlikely but critical sector: the supermarket. From removing plastic from their own label to eradicating palm oil from products, his quest is to find purpose with profit for his business. In this intimate, challenging, and encouraging book, he explains how you too can make genuine progress on sustainable initiatives while being realistic about profit margins, and obligations to customers and employees.

The Green Grocer offers clear-sighted experience and inspiration for any business, whether a large corporation, a kitchen-table start-up, or a sole trader, to make a difference.


Dorling Kindersley manages the translation rights for The Green Grocer


If you read one book this year and want a better future then this should be it. Please buy this book.

Chris Packham

One of the most impressive business leaders in the UK.

Piers Morgan

A bright green manifesto for change that make you turn 'why?' into 'why not?'

Lucy Siegle

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