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The Biggest Footprint

book | Fiction | Sep 2021
World → Canongate Books (Ed. Hannah Knowles)

There are eight billion of us humans.

All breathing, eating, fidgeting and thinking deep thoughts.

It's an unimaginably large number. Or is it?

Say hello to the mega human: all the people in the world smooshed into one spectacular giant. Even though it's not the smartest of creatures, the mega human is slowly beginning to understand the problems it has created for Planet Earth's future . . . and how it might be able to fix them.

Making use of brain-bending stats and smoosh theory, The Biggest Footprint is a journey of self-discovery suitable for anyone and everyone identifying as human.


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This fascinating, accessible and funny book uses statistics to present the challenges of climate change in a brand-new light. A completely original concept and beautifully illustrated too.

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Many readers will be drawn into its story by the illustrations and comic narrative diversions, but they will soon discover that they are reading a book with historical and contemporary depth.

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A fascinating and gorgeous book for children.

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A must for every school.

Rumena Aktar, Just Imagine Story Centre

Translates as: Imagination that could save the environment. Strongly recommend.

Choe Jae Chun, Professor of Ecology and Co-president of the Climate Change Center, Korea

Innovative and clever, the Sears brothers write and illustrate about this thought experiment with extraordinary elan and flair.

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A beautifully creative and enlightening book... Y5 and Y6 in particular are going to be obsessed with this book.

A one-of-a-kind creative book... The illustrations by the Sears brothers are engaging, humorous and bound to be a hit with children.

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A book for everyone. It just happens to look like a childrens' book. So clever.

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