Robert Evans

Series creator, actor and television writer
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Rob is a BAFTA nominated TV writer and format creator who has multiple comedy and comedy-drama projects in development.

He created the smash hit teen sitcom Sadie J, which ran for three seasons on CBBC/BBC1. The show was also a big success around the globe, selling to over 20 countries including the STARZ network in the USA. In 2014 he created, wrote and starred in Edge of Heaven for ITV1.

Rob is a key member of the writing team for Ruth Jones' hit SKY1 comedy Stella, and has recently co-created So Sammy with Miranda Hart and King Bert for the Disney Channel. He is currently developing a number of other original projects.



Writer & Creator

Director Matt Lipsey

Original comedy drama series co-created with Miranda Hart for Disney UK.

King Bert Productions for Disney UK
Dick Diaries
1 x 30’

Original comedy pilot in development with Tiger Aspect.

Tiger Aspect
In Development
1 x 30’

Original comedy pilot co-created with Jayde Adams for C4

King Bert for Channel 4
In Development

Original drama series idea optioned by Hartswood Productions.

Hartswood Films
In development

Original comedy pilot in development with King Bert Productions.

King Bert
In development

Original comedy drama pilot in development with CBBC.

King Bert
In development
Producer Bert Gray

Original comedy

Yalli Productions
In Development
Out of It
1 x 60'
Producer Exec - Pete Thornton

Original comedy. 

Tiger Aspect
In Development
3 x 15'
Producer Gareth Gwenlan
Director Gareth Gwenlan
  • Johnny Tudor
    Mockumentary mini-series
    BBC Wales for BBC1 Wales
    Producer John Montague

    Non TX Pilot 

    BBC North for BBC3
    Comedy following thirteen year old Sadie Jones as she solves the problems of those around her, including her single dad

    Comedy Pilot 

    In development
    1 X 30

    Comedy Pilot 

    ITV Studios
    Comedy-drama project
    Objective for ITV1
    Comedy Project
    BBC for BBC1
    Comedy-drama project
    Shed Productions for ITV2
    Lovely Day Productions
    In Development
  • Marcia Warren
  • Camille Coduri
    New comedy drama series charting life at Margate’s finest (and indeed only) 1980s inspired B&B
    Hartswood for ITV 1



    Multiple episodes commissioned for brand new Disney UK drama.

    Disney UK

    Writing for the second series of the hit ABC/BBC children’s comedy.


    Live-Action series inspired by original Israeli series

    Zodiak/The Foundation for Disney
    Producer Steven Andrew
    Zodiac for CBBC
    Tidy Productions for Sky One
    North Star
    2 x 22'

    Live-action musical series remake of the Disney Channel Israel original series

    The Foundation TV for Disney
    Creator Mandie Fletcher
    Producer Bert Gray
    Director Mandie Fletcher
    Yalli Productions
    Multiple Series
    Producer David Peet
  • Ruth Jones
    Comedy about a single mum juggling the demands of life created by and starring Ruth Jones
    Tidy Productions for Sky1
    Producer Bethan Jones and Helen Raynor
    Director Rhys Powys
    Comedy miniseries
    BBC2 Wales
    Wrote one episode
    BBC for BBC2 Wales
    Producer John Pocock
    Director Natalie Bailey
  • Sheila Bernette
  • Gary Damer
  • Dominique Moore
  • Sam Phillips
    Children's series set in a crazy hotel
    CBBC for BBC1
    1 x 30'
    Pilot script for original comedy series
    BBC for BBC 1
    Pilot script for original drama series developed with Rhiannon Cousins
    ITV Productions for ITV Wales
    Pilot for sketch show
    Forget About It TV
    Director Ashley Way
  • Di Botcher
  • Charles Dale
  • Donna Edwards
  • Eve Myles
    Drama series revolving around the Lewis family
    BBC for BBC 1 Wales
    Animated comedy series
    Producer Gareth Gwenlan
    Director Dewi Humphreys
  • John Challis
  • Jack Doolan
  • Sue Holderness
  • Ivan Kaye
    Drama following a car salesman and his wife as they start a new life in a rambling farmhouse in Shropshire
    Shazam Productions for BBC1
    Pilot for original sitcom idea
    BBC Wales
    Producer Jonathan Phillips
    Director Simon Hynd
  • Jennifer Black
  • Sebastian Charles
  • Nicola Duffell
  • Rory Elrick
    Comedy drama about a schoolboy turned private detective
    CBBC for BBC1
    Comedy script under option
    Producer Sioned Wiliam, Steve Doherty
    Director Amy Neil
  • Spencer Brown
  • Emma Kennedy
    Comedy following Welsh celebrity wannabe Rhian Davies as she auditions for Big Brother
    Boomerang for Channel 4
    16 x 30'
    Producer Nathan Eastwood
    Director Tim Van Someren
  • Paul Kaye
  • Jason Manford
  • Andi Osho
  • Mark Talbot
    Sketch writer
    Objective Productions for Channel 4


    Camp Gary 
    Director John Henderson & Sandy Johnson
    Hartswood for ITV
    Gwyn Thomas 
    Director Tony Dow
    Tidy Productions for Sky 1
    Captain Skylo 
    Director Rebecca Gatwood, Chloe Thomas, Dez McCarthy
    BBC for CBBC
    Phil Foskin 
    Director Sarah O'Gorman
    BBC for BBC 3
    Director Griff Rowland
    BBC for BBC 1
    Director Griff Rowland
    Boomerang for S4C
    Director Amy Neil
    Director Gareth Gwenlan
    BBC Wales for BBC 1
    Keith Webber 
    Director Gareth Gwenlan
    BBC Wales

    Creator & Writer



    6 x 30'
  • Charles Dale
  • Donna Edwards
    Radio spinoff of the popular television drama
    Production Company BBC Radio Wales


    Director David Peet
    Production Company Tidy Productions
    Broadcaster BBC Radio Wales



    Producer Peter Edwards
    Director Tony Forster
    ITV1 Wales

    Producer Leigh-Ann Regan
    Comedy script under option

    Commissioned to rewrite animation script
    Slingshot Studios/Second Picture Syndrome