Presenter for radio and television, and non-fiction writer.

Rory McGrath is a highly experienced presenter as well as a brilliant and versatile comedy writer and performer. 

Rory is best known as the only original team member to appear in all eighteen seasons of the comedy sports quiz They Think It's All Over ... which ran for 11 years on BBC 1 until the final season in 2006.

Rory began writing for The Dave Allen Show and Alas Smith and Jones in the mid-eighties, before moving onto TV in 1989 and appearing as a panelist on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and in two series of Chelmsford 123 which he co-wrote, both for Channel 4. He has presented many quiz and factual programmes on travel, sport and history including: Three Men in a Boat, The Holiday Show (both BBC), Bloody Britain and Engineering Britain (for Discovery). Alongside this he has also appeared as an actor in comedy favourites such as Drop the Dead Donkey, Don’t Quote Me and About Face

Rory teamed up with fellow comedian Paddy McGuiness and created Rory and Paddy’s Great British Adventure where the two of them took a bizarre sporting road trip around Britain, this was followed by Rory and Paddy’s Even Greater British Adventure

Rory has previously shown his support for ‘Breathlessness’ a new charity campaign launched in the East of England and this year presented Speaking in Smaller Tongues for BBC Radio 4.

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McGrath fits perfectly into the current vogue for laddishness in the British media.

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