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Life Kitchen: The Art and Science of Taste and Flavour

book | Non-Fiction | Mar 2020
UK → Bloomsbury Publishing

Groundbreaking recipes designed to rekindle the joy of taste and flavour for people living with cancer.

Ryan created his Life Kitchen cookery school in memory of his mother, whose cancer treatment dulled her tastebuds and took away her enjoyment of food. It became his mission to discover whether there was a way to bring that pleasure back.

Working with Professor Barry Smith (founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses at UCL), he picks out ingredients, textures and techniques that spark enjoyment in eating. He does this with brilliantly clever combinations of ingredients, often using the fifth taste, umami, to heighten and amplify the flavours in his dishes - all of which he teaches at his cookery classes, which have been hosted throughout the U.K. by River Cottage and Duck & Waffle, among others. With 70 vibrant and easy recipes, he offers bright and exciting dishes for everyday living. These will be delicious for everyone to eat - after all, a meal surrounded by friends and family is an essential part of fully enjoying life.

With beautiful recipe photography by Clare Winfield and illustrations by Lara Harwood, this inspiring cookbook aims to give back the joyful sensation of taste and flavour to everyone living with cancer treatment, and their families.


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I'm a huge fan of Ryan Riley and Life Kitchen

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Life Kitchen is proving truly life-changing

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A force for good in food circles, it's little surprise Nigella Lawson is among his fans.

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