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A Woman's Courage

book | Fiction | 2020
World → Bonnier Publishing

In the midst of World War II, the members of one village WI fight harder than ever to help the war effort...

But behind closed doors, each is fighting a more personal battle.

Pat Simms is reeling from her own role in her abusive husband's death, and the new freedom before her is daunting. Sarah Collingborne is struggling with the absence of her husband, who is stranded in a POW camp abroad, and trying her best to fill his treasured place in the village.

Meanwhile, Teresa Lucas is anxious about her future as a parent, and her friend Alison Scotlock is on the verge of starting a new relationship. And Miriam Brindsley's good luck might be about to change...

Grieving for men already lost and anxious for those still away fighting, the women of Great Paxford must rely on each other. Amidst the complexities of broken relationships, loss and friendship, this group of very different women must work together to find a way through.


Sarah Harvey manages the translation rights for A Woman's Courage

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