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After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Professional writing and editing), a Master of Arts (Creative Writing), and a Graduate Diploma of Information Management, Sarah currently works as a Reading & Literacy Coordinator (read: a fancy librarian) at a regional public library. She was inspired to write her first novel See What I Have Done after stumbling across the case of Lizzie Borden by chance in a second hand bookshop. Her research for the novel has included spending several nights in the infamous Borden house.






  • The kid dropped another revelation in my lap and all I can say is: Well, well, well Hehehehehehehe My decision was very much the right one

    RT @langston_poems: I have written you several letters but I have not sent them because none of them were true enough.

    It’s been a few months since I read @sallyrooney brilliant novel but I think about it almost all the time.

[A] seminal voice of the future... A dark, dense visceral ride that proves that this former librarian could be on course to become one of the breakout writers of the decade... Donna Tartt, make room.

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