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By Reason of Insanity

book | Fiction | 1979
US → Delacorte Press

Back in the '70s, when the term "serial killer" wasn't yet popular, Shane Stevens wrote this long, exquisitely detailed novel about a psychopathic murderer.

Thomas Bishop escapes from an insane asylum at age 25 and begins what he fully intends to be a historic career as a multiple murderer. He is meticulous, intelligent, conscious of what he is doing, and utterly amoral. And we are inside his head, every step of the way. Behind him is a grotesque history of pain, murder, and rage. Ahead lay a path of horrifying vengeance that would trigger the most intense manhunt in history.


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Editions Sonatine
Wilhelm Heyne Verlag
Fazi Editore
By Reason of Insanity
By Reason of Insanity

Compelling and genuinely frightening. You have to keep remembering it's only a story. You won't be able to put it down.
The Boston Globe

One of the five greatest crime novels of the century.
Mystery Scene

A classic thriller, a gripping suspense story, a massive mystery.
San Diego Union-Tribune

Stephen King praise
One of the finest novels ever written about perfect evil... I recommend it unreservedly. Stephen King
Full Review

The New York Times
Extremely effective.
The New York Times
Full Review

Chicago Tribune
Irresistible, unrelenting suspense... Stevens creates a ‘monster’ for our time.
Chicago Tribune
Full Review

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