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Adventure at Simba Hill

book | Fiction | Mar 2011
US → Viking
“No wonder they call it the Dark Continent,” Lucas says, as she looks down from the plane carrying her and Kari to Kenya. Unlike the crowded, brightly lit cities of America and Europe, much of the African landscape appears dark, beautiful, and mysterious. Invited by Kari’s uncle to go on safari while he studies ancient artifacts at an archaeological site called Simba Hill, the two best friends can’t wait to see their first wild animals.

The lions and giraffes must wait, however, when some of the priceless artifacts are discovered stolen from the Simba Hill site. With the police slow to arrive, Kari and Lucas decide they’ll keep an eye out themselves. At first the girls uncover clues quickly, especially with help from a young couple who live in a nearby village.

But the more time Kari and Lucas spend investigating the thefts, the more they realize that while Africa is beautiful, it is also very very dangerous.

This is the third book in the Kari and Lucas series after The Mystery of the Third Lucretia and Rescuing Seneca Crane.

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