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They All Fall Down

book | Fiction | 2017
World → Transworld Publishers (Ed. Jane Lawson)

They say it’s all in her head.

She knows it’s not.

Hannah had a normal life – a loving husband, a good job. Until she did something shocking.

Now she’s in a psychiatric clinic. It should be a safe place. But patients keep dying.

The doctors say it’s suicide. But Hannah knows they’re lying.
Can she make anyone believe her before the killer strikes again? 


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Uitgeverij de Boekerij
Blanvalet Verlag

I devoured this book in one sitting; it’s gripping throughout with a brilliant twist in the tip of its tail.

Erin Kelly

A hugely enjoyable psychological thriller that will keep you guessing right up to the very end. Tammy Cohen can twist a story better than any crime writer I know.

Jane Casey

They All Fall Down is another brilliant, twisty, clever and gripping thriller from Tammy Cohen. I absolutely loved it.

Lisa Jewell

It’s another superb book from my favourite author in this genre today and I enjoyed every word.

Lesley Turney

They All Fall Down really made me smile with its ingenuity. Clever, clever book. 

Sarah Pinborough

Once again Tammy Cohen proves she is the master of the unexpected in They All Fall Down. It's a brilliant one-sitting read of a book where the surprises keep coming until the very last page. If you don't read it, you're missing out.

Colette McBeth

You'll be kept guessing right to the end


Kept me guessing till the final brilliant twist

WH Smith

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