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The Minor Outsider

book | Fiction | 2016
World → ONE/Pushkin Press (Ed. Elena Lappin)

Dark, contemporary and quietly devastating story of a love affair between two aspiring writers set in Missoula, Montana. 

Ed carries a rare hereditary condition that causes tumours to grow throughout his body. When he falls in love with Taylor, a first-year in his graduate creative writing programme, he triggers a series of events that will ultimately undo them both.


ONE/Pushkin Press manages the translation rights for The Minor Outsider


A round of applause for Ted McDermott, please. He's earned it. The Minor Outsider is a spirited, audacious, and drolly funny debut novel.

Patrick DeWitt

The Minor Outsider is a major debut. McDermott's witty and stirring love story tracks so many of the wonderful ways we doom our happiness. It's thrillingly sad! And quite funny.

Sam Lipsyte

A darkly funny modern love story [and] a fresh, spirited debut set against a stunning backdrop

Big Issue
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Wry, sharp-eyed, fresh as mountain air.

Jonathan Trigell, author of Boy A and Genus

The Verdict: Quite brilliant. An honest unflinching account of a man and his frailties.

Irish Examiner

Dark debut . . . McDermott writes about academia and small-town America with an enjoyable mix of cynicism and affection . . Hip, touching and thoroughly readable.

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