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This Country: Series 1 - 3
BAFTA Winner - Best Scripted Comedy, RTS Awards Winner - Best Scripted Comedy
Producer Simon Mayhew-Archer
Writer Daisy & Charlie Cooper
  • Daisy Cooper
  • Charlie Cooper
  • Paul Chahidi

    Hit comedy exploring the lives of young people in modern rural Britain, focusing on cousins Kerry and Kurtan.

    Story by - Daisy & Charlie Cooper, Simon Mayhew Archer and Tom George

    BBC Studios for BBC 3
    Producer Georgie Fallon
    Writer Kieron Quirke & Alex McBride
  • Will Sharpe
  • Katherine Parkinson
  • Mark Bonnar

    Idealistic pupil barrister Will (Will Sharpe) is mentored by cynical, worldly-wise barrister Caroline (Katherine Parkinson) as he attempts to complete his training and win a permanent job. Can he succeed and hold on to his principles?

    Big Talk for BBC 2
    Producer Tom Jordan
    Writer Lucien Young & Joe Parham
  • Ellie White
  • Bekka Bowling
  • Al Roberts
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar

    Comedy following a gang of self-centred private tutors who never learn their lesson. 

    Hat Trick for BBC 3
    Hank Zipster - Series 2
    2016 International Emmy Nomination - Kids Series
    Producer Jim Poyser
  • Henry Winkler
  • Nick James
  • Felicity Montague
  • Nick Mohammed
  • Javone Prince

    Series based on the books by Henry Winkler about a schoolboy who is struggling with dyslexia.

    Kindle Entertainment for CBBC
    Producer Dan Berg
  • The Midnight Beast

    Original comedy following members of hit band The Midnight Beast as they try and reconstruct a wild night before.

    CC Studios for Comedy Central


    Writer & Director 

    Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad
    Winner of the LOCO London Comedy Festival Discovery Awards
  • Alexander Arnold
  • Charlotte Spencer

    All Michaela wants is to give her Dad a decent send off. She won’t let her brother Mickey, or the circumstances of their late father’s death, get in the way.

    The Double
  • Henry Douthwaite
  • Graham Hornsby

    Mark can't help thinking that the new guy at work looks familiar. As he investigates, the conspiracy threatens to spiral out of his control.


    Creator Mark Chappell
    Producer Damian Jones & Gina Carter
    Writer Mark Chappell
  • Saoirse Ronan
  • Sam Rockwell
  • David Oyelowo
    Searchlight Pictures
    In Development