a scene-stealing Tom Sturridge

A.O Scott
New York Times on Mary Shelley

Sturridge has a jittery, piercing appeal

Jeremy Gerard for Deadline
on 1984

…played with coiled muscles and killing intensity by Tom Sturridge

Marilyn Stasio for Variety
on 1984

As Bob, he’s unhinged and unpredictable, every bit the ex-junkie[...]Sturridge, somehow, makes him seem like a fledgling bird, featherless and craning upwards to be fed. It’s an alarming image, distorted and damaged. 

Matt Trueman
Variety on American Buffalo

Tom Sturridge was a masterpiece of indecision and hopelessness as the teenage Henry

Tim Auld
The Telegraph on The Hollow Crown: The War Of The Roses

1984 follows Winston Smith, played by a nimble, riveting Tom Sturridge

Isabella Biedenharn for Entertainment Weekly
on 1984

Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 2016 Olivier Awards