Wyn Baptiste

Wyn is a Presenter, Director and Producer

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Wyn is a Presenter, Director and Producer. He has made a range of programmes covering subjects from the arts and social history to politics and business.

His latest film is the BBC iPlayer documentary about the origins of the Notting Hill Carnival, Who Started It? Other recent work saw him produce the critically acclaimed, six-part series on contemporary art, African Masters, for The Africa Channel. He also directed the business documentary series We Face Forward for the same channel.

Wyn has shot films across the world, on location in various countries across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Before moving into documentaries Wyn made high profile campaign films in politics, international development and health.

Wyn also spent 10 years at the BBC as a journalist and programme maker. After several years as a newsreader and reporter on TV and radio, Wyn rose to the position of News Editor at BBC London. He’s a veteran of many an election night and covered many of the biggest stories of recent years.

He also spent time in charge of Community Affairs for the BBC and developed a specialism in covering stories and making programmes reflecting multiculturalism.

Recently, Wyn was proud to join the iconic Hall of Fame of Listed Londoners on the Robert Elms radio show. Among his answers to the famous 15 questions, he listed his favourite restaurant as the Caribbean takeaway Roti Hut in Shepherd’s Bush and his perfect day off including a Bikram Yoga session and walking his dogs on Wimbledon Common.


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  • Watch #lionmovie. Brilliantly made, cast and acted. What a story Suffering, compassion and joy. Profoundly about identity. I cried. A lot

    Been doing a lot of short form work over the last year. Wrote this blog about making successful campaign films https://t.co/sw0mKiWkpf

    Great that these stories being are told @BenHCarrington @guardian here's my BBC film on Carnival… https://t.co/w4YK3UdIGR