Yennis Cheung & Shin-Fei Chen

Writers for film and TV

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Chen-Cheung Express

This bitchplosion started with Chinese chicas, Chen and Cheung.

Shin-Fei Chen might seem a drunk clown, but this bitch is queen of the witty put-down.

Yennis Cheung observes with X-ray specs, then her writing muscles go full-flex.

They create in an instant, but their words are MSG-free. See?

Together, these Art Hoes use their potent PMS powers to transform stinky stereotypes into whacky comedy
never before seen on TV.

Their comic show "Chinese Burn" is backed by Roughcut TV and commissioned by BBC.



Writer & Performer & Creator

Producer Alex Smith
Director Chris Cottam
  • Yennis Cheung
  • Shin-Fei Chen
  • Yuyu Rau

    BBC Three 'Comedy Slice' pilot

    Roughcut Television for BBC Three