Books  |  Sep 12, 2012

Miranda Hart ebook tops pre-order chart

Miranda Hart’s No, It’s Us Too! became the most pre-ordered - non-erotic!- ebook of the season yesterday, with over 52,000 copies released on publication. The ebook sits at number two in the Amazon Top 100 Free chart only one day after release, and is also available from the iBooks, Kobo and Google Play stores.

Miranda invited fans to contribute tales of their most awkward moments in life to No, It’s Us Too!, a digital prelude to her first book, Is It Just Me?

Fans were asked to share their own cringe-inducing tales of embarrassment to mirror Miranda’s collection of awkward moments – and advice on how to deal with them – catalogued in Is It Just Me?, which is to be published by Hodder and Stoughton in October and is expected to be one of the biggest books this Christmas.

Is It Just Me? will be a rallying cry against the unexpected pitfalls and horrors of growing up. Drawing on her life experiences, Miranda will offer her younger self some much needed advice on how to cope with life’s rocky paths, whether it’s resisting unforgivable fashion choices, knowing what not to do when on a date, or lamenting the fact that getting past midnight at a social event has become distressing at 38. All of life’s lessons are here for young Miranda to mull over, and largely ignore.