Books  |  Jun 2, 2021

Burning Questions: Announcing the new essay collection by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood has announced the publication of her forthcoming essay collection, Burning Questions: Essays 2004‒2021. Featuring over fifty pieces, the collection covers the end of history, a financial crash, the rise of Trump and a pandemic. From debt to tech, the climate crisis to freedom; from when to dispense advice to the young (answer: only when asked) to how to define granola, we have no better guide to the many and varied mysteries of our universe.

Becky Hardie, Deputy Publishing Director at Chatto & Windus, says: ‘These are troubling times, but at least we have Margaret Atwood to help us try and make some sense of them. Her lectures, criticism, obituaries and political and cultural commentaries are as entertaining as they are edifying, as down-to-earth as they are visionary. This is a book to keep close at hand for many years to come.’ 

Burning Questions will be published in March 2022 by Penguin Random House across the English-speaking world: by Chatto & Windus/Vintage in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India, as well as in the UK; by McClelland & Stewart in Canada; and by Knopf Doubleday in the US.