Theatre, Film and TV  |  Jan 27, 2020

Funeral Flowers at The Roundhouse

Funeral Flowers, written and performed by Emma Dennis-Edwards and directed by Jessica Edwards returns, this time to The Roundhouse. 

The play tells the story of Angelique, 17, who dreams of being a florist. Part poetry, part play; we are taken on a journey of young girl with her mum in prison left to navigate the care system and the recurring threat from her boyfriend's gang.

Praise for Funeral Flowers...

★★★★★"Impassioned, urgent storytelling like this deserves a big audience"To Do List

★★★★★"Bursting with power and intense immediacy"- A Younger Theatre

★★★★★ "Funeral Flowers is a deeply upsetting and incredibly important one-woman show with a powerful script, top-quality acting and a storyline so sad it leaves several of us in tears." -The Up- Coming 

★★★★★"Beautifully written in a poetic but conversational style, Funeral Flowers is an unforgettable, intense experience" -

★★★★★ "Funeral Flowers is a beautifully presented illustration of a woman whose strength and determination see her through dark times until she is allowed to blossom" – Marbles Magazine

★★★★ "Funeral Flowers is permeated with Dennis-Edwards’ warmth as a performer and a writer. She has a superb ear for the rhythms of speech." The Stage

The show runs from Wednesday 5th - Saturday 8th February and tickets are available here

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