'Grayson Perry: Divided Britain' arrives to Channel 4

May 28, 2017

Grayson Perry navigates post-Brexit Britain in his own inimitable style in Grayson Perry: Divided Britain which airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesday 30th May.

On Monday 22nd January, Grayson invited Channel 4 viewers to help create a major new work – an attempt to capture what a divided country is thinking and turn it into art. Using social media he appealed for material and crowdsourced decisions about the pots’ colour, layout and content. Every week for ten weeks Channel 4 released a short film by Grayson, in which he updated viewers on pots' progress, sorted through the material sent in, and asked the public to vote on key questions about the pots’ design.

Grayson Perry: What Britain Wants follows Grayson as he harnesses the power of Twitter and Facebook to invite the public to contribute ideas, images, phrases and photographs with which he covers the surface of two enormous pots: one for the Brexiteers and one for the Remainers. Grayson believes that these are the two great tribes of our time – their differences far more fundamental than disagreement over the EU – and wants to explore their competing visions of the nation.

Then as the anniversary of the Brexit vote approaches, Channel 4 will broadcast an hour-long documentary tracking the process first thoughts to finished pots, and following Grayson as he visits the most pro-Brexit and pro-Remain parts of Britain.

The two pots will form part of Grayson’s most important British solo exhibition, ‘The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever’, which will be held at the Serpentine Gallery in June 2017.

John Hay, Head of Specialist Factual: “I’m delighted to see Grayson exploiting his flair for social media and turning his mischievous eye on this great theme of our times, and I’m excited to be doing it as a sort of exploded documentary – playing out in real time on our phones for weeks and then wrapped up as a treat for a night in at the end. I have no idea what’s coming, but I look forward to it all the more for that.”

Grayson Perry: “I’ve long said democracy has terrible taste. Am I enough of a strongman to take back control and make pottery great again?”

The documentary will be directed by Neil Crombie, and executive produced by Joe Evans.