Presenters  |  Oct 25, 2017

Jason Gardiner returns to the Dancing on Ice judging panel

Jason Gardiner returns to Dancing on Ice.

After months of anticipation and speculation, it has now been confirmed that Jason Gardiner will return to our screens for Dancing on Ice 2018.

The award-winning, primetime entertainment show, debuting back in 2006 will skate back onto ITV in the New Year and the viewers are thrilled to see Jason Gardiner returning as one of the four judges.

Despite being a judge on the show from 2006-2014, Jason is entering this new series with an open mind, “I'm not going in with preconceived ideas of how I'm going to be, you have to be there and assess it in that moment, it's only fair to the contestants to go in there being open.”

Dancing on Ice, Series 10 will return to ITV in January 2018