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Marian Keyes launches the #WriteCBC Big Winter Story Writing Competition

Curtis Brown Creative are celebrating Christmas with a special festive version of their popular monthly writing competition #WriteCBC. This month the writing task will be set by best-selling author Marian Keyes.

Writers from across the globe will be invited to help write a Big Winter Story, hosted on Twitter (@cbcreative) from 6th December to 17th December, with 8 episodes to be written across 8 days (weekdays only). Marian Keyes will provide her festive prompt to start the story at 11am on Thursday 6th December.

Each day a writer will be awarded a £50 discount off the cost of a CBC six-week online novel-writing course – and illustrators who take part can also win a £50 discount off the cost of CBC’s new Illustrating a Children’s Picture Book online course. An overall winner will be announced on 18th December at 11am (drawn from the daily winners), alongside an illustration winner – both overall winners will get free places on a six-week online course, worth £200. Find out how to join in here.

Marian Keyes has been a big supporter of CBC, she recently sponsored a scholarship place on their 6-month online novel-writing course (taught by Lisa O’Donnell), for a writer of limited financial means.

CBC’s 6-week online novel-writing courses are designed to help writers at different stages of their novel-writing journey. If your resolution for 2019 is to take your writing seriously in the new year, you can find details about up-coming courses and dates here:

Starting to Write Your Novel, 16 January - 27 February 2019

Write to the End of Your Novel, 17 January - 28 February 2019

Edit & Pitch Your Novel, 26 January - 6 March 2019

Earlier this year CBC launched 3 online courses aimed at those wanting to learn how to write and illustrate children's picture books. These courses are suitable for complete beginners as well as artists, illustrators and writers who have been working in other areas but want to start working on books for young children. Details of the next courses are below:

Writing a Children's Picture Book, 23 January - 5 March 2019

Illustrating a Children's Picture Book, 23 January - 5 March 2019

Writing and Illustrating a Children’s Picture Book, 23 January - 02 April 2019

For more details visit

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