Theatre, Film and TV  |  Mar 19, 2020

Nicole Taylor's new series The Nest airs on BBC

The Nest, the new five-part thriller created and written by BAFTA winner Nicole Taylor, is released on BBC One.

Set in Glasgow, the story follows wealthy couple Emily and Dan who have been desperately trying for a baby for a number of years. When they by chance meet 18-year-old Kaya, she agrees to be their surrogate and carry their child. However there’s a mystery around Kaya's precarious life, questions as to who she really is and what has brought her into the couple's lives.

James Harkness play James, with Katie Leung starring as Eleanor, and Paul Brannigan as Doddy.

The first episode of The Nest  airs on BBC One on Sunday 22nd March at 9pm.

Praise for The Nest:​​
‘Drawing us in with clever plotting’ ★★★★ The Telegraph
Gripping’ ★★★★ Independent
‘Satisfyingly dark and twisty, but emotionally engaging too’ ★★★★ inews
‘Taylor’s cleverly sleekit drama is shaping up nicely, playing on viewers’ assumptions’ ★★★★ Herald Scotland
‘Engrossing new drama...Its subtle layering so far puts The Nest a cut above the usual run of such dramas.’ The Guardian