Theatre, Film and TV  |  Oct 10, 2018

Oliver Lansley's The Trench opens at Southwark Playhouse

Oliver Lansley's play The Trench opens at the Southwark Playhouse on the 10th October.

The Trench is inspired by the true story of a miner who became entombed underground in a collapsed tunnel during World War One. As the horror threatens to engulf him, he finds that not everything in the darkness is quite what it seems...

Oliver Lansley is the artistic director of theatre company Les Enfants Terribles. Their production of Alice's Adventures Underground was Olivier-award nominated, and played in the West End and in Shanghai. As a screenwriter, Oliver's most recent work includes his original series Flack, starring Anna Paquin for Pop & STV.

The Trench runs at the Southwark Playhouse from 10th October - 17th November. Tickets and further details can be found here.