Translation Rights

Paramount wins rights to Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo for Dicaprio

Aug 14, 2017

Paramount has won an exciting seven figure battle against Universal, to snap up rights to Walter Isaacson’s brilliant new biography Leonardo da Vinci. The famous painter and scientist will be played by Leonardo DiCaprio, with DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson producing under the Appian Way banner.

Isaacson’s bestseller Steve Jobs was made into a film starring Michael Fassbender and directed by Danny Boyle, as well as his acclaimed work Einstein, which was the basis for the recent Emmy-nominated series Genius, starring Geoffrey Rush.

In his new work Walter Isaacson brings Leonardo da Vinci to life, drawing from da Vinci’s notebooks he explores da Vinci’s passion for science, art and technology demonstrating why we still have much to learn from him.

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