Theatre, Film and TV  |  Jun 21, 2018

Sebastian Baczkiewicz's Seven Songs for Simon Dixelius airs on Radio 4

From the extraordinary imagination of Sebastian Baczkiewicz comes a new original drama Seven Songs for Simon Dixelius.

“Simon Dixelius' life just got very strange. Since being jilted on his wedding day Simon is experiencing a strange form of heartache - a girl group in the classic mould, adorned in shimmering dresses, keep following him around and singing love songs at him. Only no one else can see or hear them. As Simon attempts to understand his new affliction he undergoes a journey of self-discovery.” Simon Dixelius is played by Arthur Darvill (Broadchurch, Doctor Who)

Sebastian is the writer of the successful Pilgrim series and of the Hamlet prequel Elsinore. Seven Songs airs on Saturday 22nd, 2.30pm on Radio 4 and will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after.

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