Presenters  |  Jan 22, 2018

Stacey Dooley returns to BBC Three with New Series

Stacey Dooley returns to BBC Three with a series of documentaries doing what she does best; talking to ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Over four episodes, Stacey travels to Florida, Russia, Iraq and Hungary to document issues such as sexual offence, domestic violence, ISIS and the removal of Roma children from their families. In true Stacey style, she speaks to some incredibly brave, resilient and inspirational people, as well as travelling to a war zone and coming face to face with violent criminals.

The series begins in Florida, where it’s easy to tell where a sex offender lives because a red sign declaring the fact is posted outside their home. It’s just one in a set of life-long restrictions that sex offenders face in the US state without any chance of rehabilitation or being reintegrated back into society. Stacey investigates whether these laws protect children and if sex offenders should ever be given a second chance.

Stacey then travels to Russia to explore the reasons why certain forms of domestic violence were decriminalized in 2017, comes face-to-face with ISIS and finishes the series exploring the removal of Roma children from their families.

Stacey has never shied away from documenting difficult and upsetting issues with empathy and strength and this series is no different.

The first episode, Second Chance Sex Offenders, is available 24th January on BCC Three.