Theatre, Film and TV  |  Jan 21, 2022

Sundance 2022

Several films featuring the work of Curtis Brown clients will feature at Sundance 2022.

Brian and Charles co-written by and co-starring Chris Hayward will debut at Sundance on Sunday 23rd January. The bitter-sweet feature, produced by Rupert Majendie, follows Brian who decides to build a robot while completely isolated and suffering from a deep depression.

Mika Watkins' short Don't Forget (or Wasurenaide in Japanese), which she wrote and directed, also premieres. The smart and grounded bilingual horror tells the story of a half-Japanese woman who begins to see her mother’s early-onset dementia as a monster that haunts them both.

Jono Mcleod's documentary ​My Old School will also premiere on Monday 24th January. The film is based on the true story of Brandon Lee, a seemingly 16-year-old prodigy who enrolled himself at Bearsden Academy in a suburb just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, claiming to have been privately tutored in Canada while traveling with his opera-singer mother.