Adam Price

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Samtale For Doden (Conversation Before Death)

Director Peter Langdal Starring
  • Thomas Gabrielsso n
  • Olaf Johannessen
  • Thea Kastberg
  • Christian Mosbaek
    Betty Nansen Theatre

    Political drama set in the two hours before the execution of Adolf Eichmann in Israel. Following the guilty verdict, one of the judges goes to Eichmann's cell in an attempt to understand his continuing assertions of his innocence. 

    Adam Price's drama examines the idea of evil and how when a system gets out of control it can eventually lead to genocide.

    Samtale For Doden was nominated for two Reumert awards.

    Samtale For Doden (Conversation Before Death)

    It is the detailed re-construction of the historical events that makes Conversation before death at Betty Nansen Teatret such a powerful experience
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    Luminous gifted and relevant theater that is about the evils of man and man of evil.
    Jyllands Posten

    The combination of Adam Price’s text and Peter Langdal’s direction makes the complicated issues comprehensible in an easy accessible manner
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