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The Ice Cream Machine

book | Fiction | Apr 2022
US → Putnam (Ed. Jen Klonsky & Stephanie Pitts)

The bestselling picture book author of Dragons Love Tacos makes his middle grade debut with a lightly illustrated collection of six stories all featuring some version of the titular ice cream machine. Get set to explore galaxies, mythical kingdoms, suburban neighbourhoods, meet five armed robots, and battle evil to show that while stories come in all shapes and sizes, they all start with a single idea.

Adam believes not only that reading is fun, but that writing is magic! He hopes that the book will encourage aspiring young authors to write their own version of The Ice Cream Machine and the final chapter is an invitation to readers to do just that with tips on how to get started.


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Hilarious and imaginative, a total hoot!

Melissa de la Cruz, author of The Descendants series

There is something you need to know: if you do not find this book fascinating, I am sorry to say there is something wrong with you.

Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events

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