Comedy and drama writer for TV



Writer & Creator 

1 x 20'
Director Teddy Nygh
  • Kosar Ali
  • Comedy about a group of teens navigating the pitfalls of adolescence in a Pupil Referral Unit, a school for excluded kids.

    Co-written with Nathaniel Stevens.

    Fully Focused Productions for BBC Three

    Co-written with Nathaniel Stevens

    Water & Power Productions
    In development

    Co-written with Nathaniel Stevens

    Two Cities; Water & Power Productions
    In development
    Producer Nana Hughes

    Sitcom pilot following the escapades of the employees of Jimmy Kickz - a once-upon-a-time legendary inner city trainer shop.

    In development

    Comedy pilot about six inner city kids put on a correctional behaviour programme with the aim of becoming “good citizens.”

    In development
    Producer Henry Normal

    Sitcom pilot about twenty-something Mickey, with whom life’s little annoyances tend not to stay little for very long. 

    Baby Cow
    In development
    Producer Henry Normal

    Comedy pilot about an old man trapped in a young person’s body.

    Baby Cow for Sky One
    In development
    Producer Tom Miller

    Comedy-drama pilot about three best friends in the build up to their first marriage.

    So Television
    In development
    Producer Seb Barwell

    Sitcom pilot about six best friends set the morning after an eventful night.

    Roughcut Television
    In development
    Producer Angelo Abela

    Sitcom pilot about a warring synchronized diving duo.

    Lime Pictures
    In development
    Producer Marcus Mortimer

    Sitcom pilot about a brash army officer, returning from duty to care for an amputee soldier.

    Big Bear Films
    In development



    Director Teddy Nygh

    The more popular and in demand Mikey becomes online, the more his real life deteriorates

    Fully Focused Productions
    Director Teddy Nygh
  • Rosa Coduri
  • Richie Campbell
  • Ben Bailey Smith
  • Denise Gough
  • Leo Gregory
  • As a teen girl is kicked out from her own house, the principal of her high school tries to help her.

    Fully Focused Productions
    Director Teddy Nygh
  • Kayode Ewumi
  • Natalie Gumede
  • David Vujanic
  • Humza Arshad
  • Adam Deacon
  • Nick Nevern
  • Fully Focused Productions
    Director Sam Wilkinson

    Short film about two best friends plotting the perfect text message – official selection of the LA Comedy Festival

    Sprauncy Pictures