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There's Been a Little Incident

book | Fiction | 2022
World English → Head of Zeus (Ed. Clare Gordon)

When Molly Black goes missing, her family convene in Dublin for an emergency meeting. Molly has a history of running away, of short-lived flings with tree surgeons and outrageous plans that never run smoothly. Having lost both parents in her childhood, she feels that she has nowhere she truly belongs. She is uncontainable, uncontrollable, and according to her hastily written leaving note, she’s gone for good.

Enter Molly’s riotous family: Lady V, a gym magnate of an indeterminable age, who thinks this is all too much fuss over a thirty-year-old-woman, Cousin Anne who is tired of chasing after Molly’s antics and Cousin Bobby who has issues of his own- still unable to shake off his identity as a school boy rugby star- twenty years later. Uncle Danny knows all too well how it feels to be lost, and Uncle John, the family patriarch always readily armed with a flipchart, is determined never to lose anyone again. Especially not his obstinate but infectious niece, who is more like her late mother than she realises.

At its heart, There's Been a Little Incident is a poignant examination of grief, of the ways it can pull people apart, and the oddly wonderful ways it can weave them together. The brilliance of this book lies not only in the thrill of the chase, but in its joyful depiction of everyday existence, breathing new life into the familiar elements of the family novel.


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