Anna Codrea-Rado is a journalist, podcaster and campaigner.

Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, Wired, The Paris Review, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Refinery29, Vice, Monocle and many others. She writes about business, culture and technology with a particular focus on working life.

In 2017, when she first went freelance, she started a newsletter about her experience of losing a job and striking out on her own. LANCE has since grown into a weekly staple for tens of thousands of readers, who turn to it for its candid advice on how to make freelancing a viable career choice. The newsletter regularly features in media roundups of the best newsletters to subscribe to.

Anna is a vocal proponent for freelance workers’ rights. In 2019, she launched the #FairPayForFreelancers campaign, which calls upon the media to pay its freelancers fairer, better and faster. The campaign went viral on social media and was covered in the press including by The Guardian and The Financial Times. The campaign has helped spark a nationwide conversation about freelance workers’ rights and has led to government bodies taking up the issue.

Anna also hosts the hit work-culture podcast Is This Working. Alongside her co-host, the writer Tiffany Philippou, she talks about the messy parts of work so that listeners can feel better about their own relationship to their jobs. 

She has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, where she was also awarded the first Tow Center fellowship for digital media.

Her first book You're the Business will be published by Ebury in 2021.

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