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The Shadow House

book | Fiction | Apr 2022
US → St Martin's Press Inc (Ed. Catherine Richards)
UK → Hodder and Stoughton (Ed. Eve Hall)
ANZ → Affirm Press (Ed. Martin Hughes and Ruby Ashby)

Extraordinarily tense and deliciously mysterious, Anna Downes's The Shadow House follows one woman's desperate journey to protect her children at any cost, in a remote place where not everything is as it seems.

Single mother-of-two Alex is determined to make a fresh start for her and her children. In an effort to escape her troubled past and the scourges of modern life that threaten to ensnare her teenage son, she seeks refuge in a rural community. Pine Ridge is idyllic; the surrounding forests are beautiful and the locals welcoming. Mostly.

But Alex finds that she may have disturbed barely hidden secrets in her new home. As a chain of bizarre events—eerily familiar to those who have lived there for years—is set off and history begins to repeat itself, Alex realizes that she and her family might be in greater danger than ever before. And that the only way to protect them all is to confront the shadows lurking in Pine Ridge.


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Uitgeverij De Fontein

Vivid, tense, and troubling.

Candice Fox, bestselling author of Crimson Lake

I was gripped!

Sara Foster, author of The Hush

A smart and twisty thriller, with each beat of the plot timed to perfection.

Kate Mildenhall, author of The Mother Fault

A thrilling novel with a fantastic setting and a plot that unfolds with a devastating revolution.

Katye Nunn, author of The Botanist's Daughter

The Shadow House is an irresistible mystery suffused with a constantly mounting sense of bone-deep dread. Anna Downes ratchets up the tension until you can
barely breathe; tearing through pages desperate to see how the many barbed threads come together. Terrifying, empathetic, gripping and brilliant from start to finish. Do not miss it.

Gabriel Bergmoser

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