Antonia Thomas

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Misfits (Series 1-3)

Role Alisha
Director Tom Harper and Tom Green Starring
    Production Company Clerkenwell Films
    Broadcaster E4

    A British science-fiction comedy-drama created for E4 by Clerkenwell Films, Misfits focuses on a group of young troublemakers who happen to have superpowers.

    While on community service, the group of six are caught up in a freak electrical storm that leaves them with individual supernatural abilities.

    Antonia plays Alisha Bailey, a girl served an ASBO for drink-driving offences, who finds herself able to cause overwhelming lust in those who come into direct physical contact with her. Its an ability that proves a curse as often as it does a blessing.

    Over the course of three series, Alisha's superficiality and shallowness has softened as she has taken her responsibilities increasingly seriously. She has had relationships with two of the other Misfits, Curtis and a future version of Simon (Iwan Rheon).

    Misfits (Series 1-3)

    It's a testament to the talent of the young cast, in particular, that Misfits blazed onto the screen with such a terrific sense of humour, self-confidence and brio. Gerard O'Donovan
    The Telegraph

    It's impossible to become inured to Misfits. It's still preposterous, and still manages to be scary with it. It's also still funny, and still jarringly shocking.

    Tim Dowling
    The Guardian