Atticus Lish is the author of the novel, Preparation for the Next Life (2014), which was released in November 2014, and Life is with People (2012), a book of drawings with captions. His work has appeared in The Paris Review, The New York Tyrant, Dazed and Logue. Since 2007, he has pursued a career as a Chinese – English translator. 

He won the 2015 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction for his debut novel Preparation for the Next Life, which was published in the UK in 2015.


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A stunning debut novel...Lish's prose is at once raw and disciplined, and every word feels necessary.

Publishers Weekly Review
on Preparation for the Next Life

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This novel is nothing less than a triumph, worthy of every heroic adjective a critic could throw. It is a reminder, plain and simple, of what fiction is for.

Erica Wagner
Financial Times on Preparation for the Next Life

This is an intense book with a low, flyspecked center of gravity. It’s about blinkered lives, scummy apartments, dismal food, bad options. At its knotty core, amazingly, is perhaps the finest and most unsentimental love story of the new decade.

Dwight Garner
New York Times on Preparation for the Next Life