Jah Njiké

Axelle Jah Njiké was born in Cameroon and moved to France as a child. She is an afropean author, podcaster, reporter, as well as a pagan militant feminist. Her audio works have reached nearly one million listens and they center around the lives and experiences of women of African descent, both from the standpoint of the individual and the collective. Me, My sexe and I® - the podcast, La fille sur le canapé, Je suis noire et je n’aime pas Beyoncé have reached a large audience, across different cultures and origins.

In 2015, Axelle contributed to the anthology Volcaniques, une anthologie du plaisir, and in 2021 to the collection Nos amours radicales on the topic of love as a militant and empowering act. She also wrote the foreword to the new edition of Mariama Bâ’s classic novel, Un chant écarlate. Previously a reporter for Le Monde Afrique and Africa N°1, Axelle now runs the column Lance-Flammes in the magazine Causette. She was hailed by Le Monde as one of the new faces of feminism. Journal intime d'une féministe (noire) is her first title.

Axelle Jah Njiké explore l'intimité des femmes noires. Une réflexion nourrie de ses propres traumatismes.

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A liberating tale of emancipation through literature and sexuality

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An invigorating narrative that advocates sexual liberty and transgenerational sorority

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Dans sa quête d’une «sexualité solaire» [...], elle a parlé et fait parler. Pour, finalement, triompher.

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