Director for Film and Television

Ben is a London-born filmmaker, raised in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia and Bath. His first foray into directing was a puppet show at the age of 11 that lasted so long it required an intermission. It also had dinosaurs. 

After graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Kings College London he spent a year setting up a production house with friends, creating short films, music video and ads for political organisations. This resulted in a nationally-broadcast gig, which in turn paid for Ben's first term at the London Film School. 

Ben's short film Dinner and a Movie was officially selected for the Palm Springs Shortfest 2013, the London Short Film Festival 2013, and the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013 - at which Ben was named as one of the British Directors of Tomorrow.

Ben's next short, He Took His Skin Off For Me, premiered at Palm Springs in 2014. Additionally, his short Russian Roulette won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance London's online short film competition.

Ben is currently working with Oli Fenton to develop his first feature - Ben Moves In - for Netflix.



Writer & Director 

John Moves In
Debut Feature
Producer Fiona Lamptey & Ryan Bennett
In development
Producer Ryan Bennett

Co-written with Oli Fenton.

Head Gear Films


Russian Roulette
Grand Jury Prize Sundance London: Online Short FIlm
Director Ben Aston
Writer Oli Fenton
  • Bec Hill
  • Stewart Lockwood
  • London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a libidinous cosmonaut on
    Producer Fiona Lamptey
    Writer Maria Hummer & Ben Aston
  • Sebastian Armesto
  • Anna Maguire
  • A domestic fairytale about a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn't the best idea...
    Producer Oli Fenton
    Writer Ben Aston, Maria Hummer, Oli Fenton
    Two ex-best-friends survive after the apocalypse in a derelict basement. After a night of scavenging, their already frayed relationship is pushed to the limit when one of them finds a bottle of ketchup.
    Producer Tolu Itegboje
    Writer Maria Hummer & Ben Aston
    Lovestruck Randy is thrilled when his prison pen pal Crystal is finally released and they can meet in person, but is woefully unprepared for the hard truths (among other things) she brings along with her to their date.