Filmmaker & Visual Artist

Billy Dosanjh is principally a visual artist and documentary-filmmaker whose work investigates race, identity, and the working class South Asian diasporas in and around Smethwick, the de-industrialised factory town where Billy grew up.

Trained as a director at the National Film and Television School, Billy is currently working on a new long form work with Film London Artist Moving Image, a series of cinematic photographs re-staging the early 60s in Smethwick, and a feature film in Cameroon.



Writer & Director 

Beauty Queens
Narrative Feature

During the Birmingham race riots of 2005, two young boys struggle to reconcile their friendship with their divided loyalties.

iFeatures Broadcaster
In development

In the 1960s thousands of economic migrants from the former colonies came to the railway town of Smethwick in the industrial heartlands of England. This documentary explores that epic upheaval.

Arts Council of England
A Miracle in West Brom
Satyajit Ray Award; Grierson Best Newcomer; RTS Award

A love story in reverse. The son of a Sikh immigrant challenges his father's relationship with his mother, until a heart attack changes everything. 



Writer & Director 

Using archive and testimony, this is the story of 50 years of tradition and change in Smethwick. 



Unreported World

Siberia's Next Supermodel. Marcel Theroux meets some of the Russian women fleeing to China, to pursue careers as models.

Quicksilver Media for Channel 4