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How to Find Flow

book | Non-Fiction | 2017
UK & Comm → Pan Macmillan (Ed. Robin Harvie)

Have you ever experienced a moment when everything just seemed to click? A period where your emotions, mental and physical abilities, and energy levels were in perfect balance?

If so, then you have experienced ‘flow’ – a perfect instance when all of the factors that may affect performance are at their optimum level and your ability to achieve excellence is greatly enhanced.

Cameron Norsworthy, founder of The Flow Centre, has dedicated the past two years to studying flow and working with professional athletes, world and Olympic champions, and business professionals to help them prepare for, achieve and optimise flow experiences.

In How to Find Flow, Cameron and leading psychologist and expert on flow, Dr Susan Jackson, provide readers with a practical guide to achieving flow and, as a result, the best possible levels of performance in every area of their lives. Cameron and Susan guide readers through a four stage programme, combining theory, real life anecdotes, and simple exercises to give readers the ability to achieve and enhance flow experiences.

A manual for self-improvement with its foundations in coaching for sport but with principles that are applicable in a broad range of circumstances, Cameron and Sue empower readers to achieve brilliance by learning How to Find Flow.


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