Cash Carraway is an award-winning playwright, author and screenwriter from London.

Cash is writing and executive producing an original comedy drama for BBC1 with Sid Gentle Films to be released in Autumn 2022.

Daisy May Cooper stars in the title role as a young working class single mum living with her ten year old daughter in the brutal lonely landscape of austerity Britain. Told with a dark lick of humour and an anarchic attitude, the show skewers stereotypes of what it means to be working class and underlines the importance of love, dreams and friendships.

In 2018 Cash was nominated for a British Journalism Award and won Editorial Innovation of the Year at The Drum Media Online Awards 2019.

Cash is the author of bestselling book Skint Estate, published by Ebury. The Times called Cash “The new voice of a generation.”

Cash Carraway's unique voice, filled in equal measure with rage and inspiration, tells a story of hope amongst state violence. Brilliant and compelling.

Anna Minton, author of 'Big Capital'
on Skint Estate

Skint Estate will stay with me forever. Cash's brutal honesty will leave you wanting to make a change, stand up and be heard. A must read, and when you've read it pass it on.

Vicky McClure
on Skint Estate

What an astonishingly brilliant memoir. I’m speechless. So beautifully, passionately written without a shred of self-pity and brim full of this unbreakable mother daughter love at the heart of it all...Raw, gut-wrenching and immensely moving.

Ruth Jones
author of Never Greener on Skint Estate