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The Forbidden Circus

book | Fiction | Feb 2019
World French → Scrinéo (Ed. Jennifer Rossi)

Shortlisted for the Prix Utopiales Jeunesse

Shortlisted for the du Prix des Incorrigibles

Shortlisted for the Prix Égalité Jeunesse 2020.

Le Cirque Interdit

Caraval meets The Giver in this beautifully written atmospheric novel that brings together romance and suspense.

Since its rise to power, the Zero Risk party has greatly improved the health and security of all, but at what cost?

Solitary and discreet, young Maria is promised to a brilliant career in the field of insurances, which has enjoyed incredible popularity since the election of the Zero Risk party. Although her future seems all set out, Maria can’t stop herself from looking backwards, to her troubled past. She decides to infiltrate the last circus in the country, who hire her as the director's secretary, in order to shed light on her parents’ mysterious deaths when she was still a child.

Born and bred in the circus, Mathieu lives for the stage. The young man dreams of freedom and an act of his own that would distinguish him from his four acrobat siblings, even if it means abandoning his family at a time when they need him the most.

Torn between her professional ambition, her desire for truth and a growing attachment to the members of the circus, Maria quickly realizes that she’s in over her head and caught in a battle that is much bigger than her. Mathieu, on the other hand, doesn’t know what to make of his grandfather’s new secretary, the one he’s nicknamed “Ice Cube”. One thing is for sure, he’s far from indifferent.

In a world where any risk comes at too high a cost, let the magic of The Forbidden Circus sweep you off your feet!

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Un roman young adult ou grands ados passionnant, rythmé et original dont la lecture m’a presque instantanément séduite.

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Signé Célia Flaux, Le Cirque Interdit est une dystopie poétique.

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Ce livre est une belle découverte, et même une très belle réussite. 


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