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Before You Know Kindness

book | Fiction | 2004
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For ten summers, the Seton family — all three generations — met at their country home in New Hampshire, to spend a week together playing tennis, badminton, and golf, and savoring gin and tonics on the wraparound porch to celebrate the end of the season. In the eleventh summer, everything changed. A hunting rifle with a single cartridge left in the chamber wound up in exactly the wrong hands at exactly the wrong time, and lead to a nightmarish accident that put to the test the values that unite the family — and the convictions that just may pull it apart.

Rich with unforgettable characters, Before You Know Kindness is first and foremost a family saga. It's the tale of three generations of women — and the dysfunctional men in their lives — and the strange and unexpected places where we find love.

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Zalozba Meander
Before You Know Kindness

Gunfire and its aftermath force the survivors to confront a surprisingly complicated question: How best to live? . . . Before You Know Kindness is messier, funnier and, I think, better (than Midwives). Claire Dederer
The New York Times Book Review

Striking. . .masterly William H. Pritchard
The Boston Globe
Full Review

A modern, compelling drama . . . Bohjalian beautifully captures those dizzying moments that follow a tragedy, when disbelief and horror give way to an attempt to understand what has happened Patricia Conover
San Francisco Chronicle
Full Review

A penetrating, often wry and witty examination of ideals, marriage, fatherhood and the family ties that can bind, burn or bless us Carole Goldberg
The Hartford Courant
Full Review

Cleverly ironic . . . an irresistible read
The Washington Post
Full Review

Extraordinary . . . there's a lot going on
The Minneapolis Star Tribune
Full Review

a masterful work, one that rewrites the rules and delivers a satisfying narrative in the process
Time Out New York
Full Review

A dark psychological dance of family estrangements, lies and self-righteousness . . . Plenty of finely wrought characters and thought-provoking personal and political drama.
The Seattle Times

Elegant, refined . . . A triumph

Nifty . . . Bohjalian has built a rich and complex family drama around a knotty, unanswerable set of questions
Entertainment Weekly

(A) many-faceted satire . . . Bohjalian excels at getting inside each character's head with shifts of diction and perspective . . . his skillful storytelling will engage readers
Publisher's Weekly

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