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Idyll Banter

book | Non-Fiction | 2003
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In March 1986, while living in Brooklyn, Chris Bohjalian and his wife were cab-napped on a Saturday night, and taken on a 45-minute joy ride in which the cabbie ignored all traffic lights and stop signs. Around midnight, he deposited the young couple on a near-deserted street where officers were about to storm a crack house. Bohjalian and his wife were told to hit the ground for their own protection. While lying on the pavement, Bohjalian's wife suggested that perhaps it was time to move to New England.

Months later they traded their co-op in Brooklyn for a century-old Victorian house in Lincoln, Vermont, and Bohjalian began chronicling life in that town in a wide variety of non-fiction magazine essays and in his weekly newspaper column.

Chris Bohjalian's newspaper column, Idyll Banter, written weekly for 15 years, is a diary of both this writer's life and how America has been transformed in the past decade and a half. It is rich with the idiosyncratic universals that come with being a parent, a child, and a spouse. Bohjalian's wondrous non-fiction is a reflection of our own common experience.

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Idyll Banter

unblinkingly honest
The Boston Globe
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Inviting. . . (Bohjalian) writes movingly about serious, intimate moments
Publishers Weekly
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Chris Bohjalian is a terrific columnist — thoughtful and thought-provoking. Just like me! No, really, this guy is good. Dave Barry

The best book I've ever read about life in a contemporary village. There's no doubt that Chris Bohjalian has established himself as one of America's finest, most thoughtful, and most humane writer Howard Frank Moshers

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